Wo we are

In the 1950s Eugenio Tosoni helped his father in the production of harness and saddles: that little craftsmanship grew to become one of today's leading horse riding products stores, the number one in Italy in the range of horse and rider items.

Our simple origins still live today in the passion we feed for riding in all its aspects, but also in the constant research on quality, attention to detail and the ability to innovate.

Tosoni Selleria

In our online catalog we have over 100,000 products: a great variety of models, colours and prices, to help you always find what you need for your walks, training or practice of competitive disciplines. Quality items and accessories that will be shipped within 24 hours by courier, so they will arrive as soon as possible at your home.

We are present in Montichiari (Italy) with a large space dedicated to horse riding and horse care, here you can try shoes, boots and clothing, or find the perfect saddle for your needs, also advised by our qualified staff.

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