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  • Tri-Tec 14 Insecticide insect repellent is a repellent spray with sun filter.

    Tri-Tec 14 is a special insect repellent for horses that repels flies, horseflies and other ectoparasites until 14 days after application.

    In fact the horses that live outside or in the stable are often irritated by the numerous ectoparasites which elimination results to be very difficult; this especially during the warm season when the massive infestations cause a considerable inconvenience for the animals. To protect them it is necessary to treat both the environment and the animal with effective, low-toxicity products.


    Features: The activity of Tri-Tec 14 is ensured by the composition that joints the immediate action of the natural pyrethrins (extracted from the flowers of Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium), to that more long-lasting one of the pyretroids. The Cypermethrin, a synthetic analogue with a CN group, acting by altering the permeability of the nerve cell membrane causes an immediate paralysis of the insect. The pyrethrum and its synthetic derivatives, while having a very low toxicity for the animal play an excellent antiparasitic action which occurs by direct contact with the parasites, thereby limiting the numerous pathologies, including the allergic reactions, resulting from contact or bites. Further Tri-Tec 14 contains a sun filter that protects the active principles by the degradation of the sun light, without causing cutaneous irritation. Avoid to spray the product on the head in direction of the eyes, nose and mouth, where it is recommended the use of the specific Roll-On and on the small wounds or abrasions that can be protected with the insect repellent Swat Ointment. To control the ectoparasites it is not enough just to treat the horse, but it is necessary to act even on the environment with specific products like Overkill, Fly Terminator and Horse Lice Duster that allow to limitate the contact between parasites and animals.

    Instructions for use: Shake well before using. Before applying the product brush the coat against the grain to remove dirt and dust. Spray evenly the Tri-Tec 14 over the entire body. After the first application, repeat the treatment after 7 days. Next, apply the product every 14 days or after each time that the animal is washed.

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