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  • Repel-X is an effective insect repellent concentrated to dilute.

    The fight against ectoparasites and especially insects such as flies and horseflies has always been the worse problem for those who looks after the horses wherever they live outside or in the stable, because, especially in the hot season, it is very difficult to get rid of their annoying presence. Repel-X is a pyrethrin concentrated product, with low-toxicity, which is dissolved into water allowing to realize appropriate dilutions depending on the degree of infestation and at the same time to carry out treatments on numerous subjects being particularly economical.

    Features: Repel-X performs its activities in full compliance with the organic functions of the treated subjects and the environment, preventing mosquitoes, flies and horseflies spread and migrate on various areas of the body and wounds. Repel-X, by virtue of synergism exerted by natural pyrethrins and piperonyl butoxide contained in it, is an effective remedy in the control of these annoying pests. In order to get a good degree of disinfection is necessary to repeat the application every 3/4 days. Repel-X is also non-greasy preventing dust and dirt from settling on the areas previously treated. Repel-X is part of the Farnam disinfestation program which aims to achieve specific products depending on the types of parasites and affected areas, providing horse owners an integral control plan that guarantees reliable results with minimal expense and no of side effects. 

    Instructions for use:

    Shake well the container before use. Pour the required amount of Repel-X in a container or in a nebulizer and add water in the following proportion: 1 part Repel-X with 7 parts of water. Mix well before use. With 470 ml of concentrated Repel-X will get about 4 liters of final product ready for use. Important: Before each application prepare a new dilution. Apply with a sponge or spray directly on the horse's coat evenly, avoiding contact with eyes. Use about 250 ml of the product so diluted for each subject to treat.


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